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When I was upset or suffering from a terrible day, nothing cheered me up more, even for a minute, than watching this man’s films or watching his interviews online. There is no way you could not laugh or crack a smile and his comedic nature. Thank you Robin. 

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kanye’s visuals are incredible

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Giveaway: Yo! MTV Raps Trading Cards

The Rules: It’s simple, as always. Reblog this post, and be following the page, and you’re entered. No more than 1 reblog per day.

I’ve had this unopened box sitting around for a while. So here’s what I’m going to do with them … I’ll be picking 17 winners. Each winner will receive 2 packs. The contest will go until August 1st. Good luck.

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Zoom howb0mb:

How r they supposed to stop tho…


How r they supposed to stop tho…

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We Dem Boyz Remix Feat. Schoolboy Q Rick Ross, Nas
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I MISS MY OG !!! ):

Asked by drunk-in-lust

I miss u too! Hit me up

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